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Have you received a call from 805-637-7243? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (805) 637-7243

805-637-7243 / (805) 637-7243 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Pissed on June 30, 2020
"It shows up when I look at my phone for my voice mail ,forwarded to this number as t mobile voice mail service .iam not happy to say the least"

Submitted by Lori M. on March 17, 2020
"OMG. It has been a nightmare for me and my husband.This number appeared in our downs as our voicemail. When called, a recording asked for us to put in our voicebox number. (which we don't have) That was our first clue. We cannot EVER clear down. Went into contacts to put our real voicemail number in and that one. It let us put the real number in but only as a secondary voicemail number and it won't let us that number.This has been going on for at least 6 months. VERY FRUSTRATING!!! Very stressful. I would like to see the person doing this. On "Phone Reveal" there is a name to this number and it does state SPAM. Why can't this be resolved?"

CALLER ID: Voicemail

Submitted by david hardy on February 20, 2020
"Attempted to sell extended warranty for a vehicle I do not own. Unable to block call."

Submitted by ATL on February 14, 2020
"Call went straight to my voicemail. A male voice states he has a cash offer, but his assistant might have sent it to the wrong address. Asking me to call back to confirm."

Submitted by ? on January 29, 2020
"Claims to be Social Security Admin. and says my SS# & drivers license has been reported. Says to call them back before they "block" my SS#. Then says have a blessed day - which the govt would not say!!! Such a scam calling 5 times today."

CALLER ID: Scam Likely

Submitted by Dale Edwards on January 19, 2020
"Calls all the time no responses and cant block the number how do u stop these calls?"

Submitted by MR MARK BENNETT on January 16, 2020
"keeps calling and does not answer"

CALLER ID: 8056377243

Submitted by ANN Pinto on December 11, 2019
"This number harrasses me constantly. I am unable to block it."

Submitted by Jee on September 25, 2019
"Lol student loan help center, my ***** 😂"

Submitted by SAJ on August 23, 2019
"Threatening calls periodically over the last 2 months. Please stop these calls!!"

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