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832-734-3420 / (832) 734-3420 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by A on March 25, 2020
"Texted about Craigslist listing to buy dresses. Offered asking price + $100 shipping (with out promting from me). Buying for a friend. With $100 shipping thought it might be a scam, now yes - SCAM"

CALLER ID: 832-734-3420

Submitted by Dawn b on March 24, 2020
"Got a txt from a different number yesterday 8023218640"

CALLER ID: 8023218640

Submitted by dawn b on March 23, 2020
"i got a tx message from this person regarding a wedding dress that i posted on craglist for 150.00 dollars this has esculated to buying ebay gift cards to open up a paypal account my total is in the thousands she needs to be stop before she scams anymore people out of money"

Submitted by dawn b on March 22, 2020
"i sold a wedding dress on craigslist for $150 and this is the same number i got a txt message from. They ended telling to purchase a grand total of $450 in ebay cards in order to get my money. I made the mistake of sending the item to the buyer: Susana L Mireles, before ever receiving money owed to myself. The the address for buyer was 1206 North 17th Street
Sheboyhan Wisconsin 53081"

Submitted by Amanda A. on March 18, 2020
"i was selling a wedding dress online and received a text saying they would like to buy my dress. i asked if they were real or a scammer. they said I BEG YOUR PARDON,I AM A GOD FEARING MOTHER WITH LARYNGEAL CANCER. and then they said they hoped my dress was in good my ad its states its brand new, so i said well if you read the ad it states its brand new. i work for the county here in my city and i done a # search and it doesnt belong to anyone and googled it and found this. so told them what i done and got no further response ."

CALLER ID: 832-734-3420

Submitted by Hope S on March 04, 2020
"Was selling my dress on Craigslist for 100 bucks. They said they need my PayPal to cover shipping costs. Total scam."

Submitted by Kat on January 06, 2020
"Same deal as reported by both Joann and Candace. I received a text from this number that they are ready to buy my Craigslist item and pay $100 above asking price to "cover shipping costs". The number is text only. They wanted the transaction to go through as soon as possible. Red flags all over the place."

CALLER ID: 832-734-3420

Submitted by Candace Janée on January 04, 2020
"Got a text they wanted to purchase something I had on craigslist and send money through paypal. Would have been fine accept they wanted it shipped same day as payment and then i am sure they would have blocked the payment."

Submitted by JOANN R on December 30, 2019
"I received text from this number - it is a SCAMMER trying to get me to give them my Paypal info so they can pay me $100 plus what I was asking for an item on Craigslist. Be ware they can really mess up your accounts and credit with certain amount of information - including your cell # and Paypal Account etc."

CALLER ID: 832-734-3420


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