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Have you received a call from 855-378-9084? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (855) 378-9084

855-378-9084 / (855) 378-9084 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by anonymous on January 06, 2020
""Kimberly from PLS" threatening to seize assets with reference number "DOC-50123" in a voicemail, two of them so far. Funny how other people here are stating the same thing.

I'm calling SCAM on this one. Do not trust, do not answer, and do report! Something needs to be done about this."

CALLER ID: Restricted/unknown

Submitted by Karen on December 31, 2019
"Received several calls from "Kimberly" and some other female names about TLS? documents being issued Reference # 80C-50123"


Submitted by Alicia on December 28, 2019
"Received text message from 267-926-4700. Text said Thank u for purchasing AcuPrime from iTune 499.99
order id JG8URBDS3 If this order has not been placed by you then call 1-855-825-7437"

Submitted by Brenda f on December 23, 2019
"Received several calls like the others. So I called them back. Asked why they keep calling. Asked if Knew L.G.
(Not posting her name). Told them that was my ex sister in law 30 years ago. Guy told me they’ll tell the lawyer she submitted false information. Not the first time I’ve been getting calls about her"

CALLER ID: 800-213-3342

Submitted by Jessica on December 19, 2019
""Kimberly from PLS" Calls and leaves a voicemail. Says they've left several (they've left one). Says "this is your last attempt to contact our client" (I think you mean "opportunity," Kimmy.)

Also I notice everyone here has the same reference number. DOC 50123"

CALLER ID: Unknown

Submitted by Chantelle S. Mathiasson on December 19, 2019
"Hi this is Susie from PLS. We have documents being issued out by our office. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the forms to be issued. I strongly recommend calling 855-378-9084. When calling please reference the following claim number D dash 50123. If there is no return call by the end of business day The home address and place of employment Will be deemed verified And the document will be issued directly.

This was taken by voice to text voicemail left on my husband's phone. They have called harassing me saying they will civilly sue me for something my ex over drafted almost 10 years ago on an account I shared with him. Calling me a liar and tried to bully me when this is past the statue of limitations even if it were legit."

CALLER ID: Restricted / unknown
CALLER COMPANY: PLS or Quest delivery or Levy & Cohen

Submitted by Irene on December 19, 2019
"Kimberly from PLS threatening legal action to seize assets of my house, car, and business. Gave a file number DOC-XXXX,and to call by the end of the day or be arrested."

CALLER ID: Unkown caller

Submitted by char on December 19, 2019
"Susie from PLS has forms to be issued out of their office. Reference # DOC-50123
If no return call by end of day, home address and place of employment will be deemed verified and documents will be issued directly.

I did not answer my phone, but "Susie" left the same voicemail two days in a row"

CALLER ID: Restricted

Submitted by Elena on December 18, 2019
"on yesterday, i received a call on my work phone at 11:48 from "RWA-HQ-VERIZON" I answer and gentleman tells me he is with Premier Legal Services and is attempting to deliver documents to me at my home address. the address he quotes is at least 8 years old and I have not resided at that address since March 2012. He gives me a phone number to reach "their" client at (855) 378-9084. He doesn't tell me what it is in reference to and i do not have any prior calls in reference to this. At 4:07 pm, also on yesterday. I received an email from someone in my HR department. He had received a similar call from someone asking to coordinate delivery of documents to me at my place of employment. I have no clue who these people are nor what they are trying to deliver."

CALLER COMPANY: Premier Legal Services

Submitted by Someone on December 17, 2019
"The caller is trying to reach a Michael Crowes? of Lutz, FL. this is a false call by a debt collector."


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