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Have you received a call from 855-378-9084? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (855) 378-9084

855-378-9084 / (855) 378-9084 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Elise Shedd on December 17, 2019
"They have called me and threaten to send me papers to my job.This their second time harrassing about a debt and saying to get my attorneys."

CALLER ID: 8553789084
CALLER COMPANY: Premium Legal Support

Submitted by Rowland Morey on December 17, 2019
"Kimberly from PLS threatening legal action to seize assets of my house, truck, and business. Gave a file number DOC-XXXX,and to call by the end of the day or be arrested.
First, I don't own any of these items. Second, arrest doesn't happen in civil matters, only criminal ones. TOTAL SCAM!"

CALLER ID: 855-378-9084

Submitted by Alan on December 13, 2019
"Someone keeps calling my number looking for an Alan Crows. There is no Alan Crows here or ever has been. The calls seem to be threatening and warning of paperwork against said Alan Crows. I have told them various times this not this person or ever has been. Last two were messages and the number 855-378-9084 to call back. A total scam! Tired of these calls looking for a person that does not exist here."

CALLER ID: Unavailable

Submitted by Sabrina Lucero on December 12, 2019
"They left me a message at HR. I returned the call. They knew the name of the street of the place I last lived at and they knew the last 4 #'s of my social. Jim Evans was the man I spoke to. He threatened me with hot check writing and malicious fraud. Now I am going to check on the district email I got. I did not recognize the name of the sender."


Submitted by Guest User on December 12, 2019
"They will call asking for someone else and then inform you that you are part of a legal summons lawsuit. IT'S A SCAM. They have no information and the law office they speak doesn't exist. The won't tell you where the office is located or what it pertains too."

CALLER ID: Private
CALLER COMPANY: Levy and Cohen

Submitted by Susan Bradley on December 10, 2019
"Just got a call from them they said if I knew David Rodriguez, I don’t. So I called back later and gave a different name and they had already logged the first name I gave them and they knew I was giving them a another name. The guy went on and on about why I was giving them a new name he talked and talked and would let me tell him I found out that this was some SCAM"

Submitted by Chelsea on December 09, 2019
"Has called several times threatening to send my employment, housing, and banking verification to a mysterious "client" without naming who they are or what this was about. Always call from a blocked number, never state my name in the voicemail, always stating they were taking vague legal action against me."

CALLER ID: Unknown Number
CALLER COMPANY: Premium Legal Support

Submitted by I called back on December 09, 2019
"Same mssg as everyone above... multiple calls...
So I 67 & called back. The lady was polite, when I gave the case number DOC##### she asked, if I know "Dalia Valenzuela"
I said no (don't know her/him)
She read my phone number & said she'll remove the number
She then apologized politely: sorry that you were bothered.
I will report back, if I get a call again."

Submitted by James Browning on December 07, 2019
"Said I was involved in a lawsuit
From premium legal support"

Submitted by FRANK on December 06, 2019

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