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Have you received a call from 862-414-8078? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (862) 414-8078

862-414-8078 / (862) 414-8078 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Ron on June 17, 2019
"Craigslist scammer wanted to purchase a dish washer, same old scam wanted to pay by cashiers check and have movers pick up after check cleared"

Submitted by E on June 17, 2019
"wanted to send a cashier's check and buy a bull, yes cattle, sight unseen. Said the movers would get the cow once the check clears. Total scam to get you to cash fake cashier's checks."

Submitted by Gary, CA on June 16, 2019
"Sent text as soon as I posted bicycle item, want to buy it- want to send cashiers check, please send name and address- apparent ID phishing?"

CALLER ID: 862-414-8078

Submitted by Brittany Cordero on June 11, 2019
"It's Anthony, available....... I mean the Faster Horses Campsite- $200"

CALLER ID: 8624148078

Submitted by Jay on May 29, 2019
"Text message about buying something i posted on craigs list... wanted my name and address to send me a cashier's check. This site saved me."

Submitted by Steve Campbell on May 26, 2019
"Text response to Craigslist ad posted only a short time. Wanted to purchase with cashiers check and pick up at a later date. Stated that his name is James. Unfortunately they have my name, address and phone number now"

CALLER ID: 862-414-8078

Submitted by TOA on May 19, 2019
"Text response from a craigslist add asking to purchase with a cashiers check and arrange pickup at a later date"

CALLER ID: 1-862-414-8078

Submitted by MJD on May 19, 2019
"Text response from a craigslist ad. Ad was less than 15 minutes old"

Submitted by Beverly Geyer on March 30, 2019
"text from a craigs list ad,wanted personal info"

CALLER ID: 862-414-8078

Submitted by Hank Kimball on March 25, 2019
"Text response to a Craigslist ad (that said to not text) asking if it was still available. The ad had only been up nine minutes. Obvious phishing scam."

CALLER ID: 862-414-8078


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