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Submitted by A. Sterrett on September 29, 2011
"This is a company from India name "Health Products". They call and ask for Gary or Greg and then ask if I need medications. I have asked that they don't call me anymore, but to no avail. I see from another website that they continue calling people in the U.S. repeatedly for years and may change their number, so the call will be answered. It does no good to refer to the DNC as they are out of country. Also it does not good to blow a whistle in their ear, since they do not understand that either. The U.S. politicians need to step up and force the oversees companies to cease and desist. These people didn't start up until the DNC started, so I'm betting that this is a company from the U.S. that is using out of country labor to spam/spoof calls."

CALLER ID: 926-784-3255
CALLER COMPANY: Health Products from India


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