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  • 19496158953 "Received a spam text offer related to Netflix ... "
  • 19405394250 "Social Security Administration ... "
  • 19405394250 "Scum Social Security would never your number they’re not from this country people ... "
  • 1-940-209-0985 "Received a call telling me that $399 would be deducted from our bank account. Called them back and they said it was Microsoft. We do not have Micros ... "

  • 19417997008 "Jason said he was working with the power company and had an order to disconnect with in 1 hour. I knew we had a $0 balance with the power company so I ... "
  • 19417997008 "The guy said they would disconnect our FPL if we did not go to the CVS and get a money pack, I knew it was a scam have had the call before, I told him ... "
  • 19417997008 "Scammer said they work for FPL and will disconnect my business service if I don't pay 500.00 for deposit money. ... "
  • 1-941-799-7008 "The guy said he was working for Teco saidhe was going to disconnect our Teco service.In order to stop it we had to get some cardsfrom the Dollar Tree ... "
  • 19495228717 "IRS is filing a law suit against me. ... "
  • 19495228730 "Message left Message I need you to return the call issue at hand is extremely time sensitive the hotline to my desk is is 949-522-8730 I repeat it's 9 ... "
  • 19415386065 "Same BS about the Treasury Dept. as noted above. Answering machine took call and ignored. ... "
  • 1-941-538-6065 "a man called saying they were the US Treasury Dept, and I had a serious problem that could result in me being charged with a crime. I called the numbe ... "
  • 19403127334 "Today Ireceived a phone call from my father. He told me I needed to have my husband call this Craig Lombardo by 12 regarding check fraud charges. So I ... "
  • 19497931575 "you have been approved to borrow 1100 dollars for bills ... "
  • 1-949-975-0966 "threatened to keep calling every night when I asked him to not to call again ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
19498669005 19493744986 19497096255 19412518199 19495809018 19406861530 19412208328 19492041014 19413217334