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  • 2589585673 "Received 7 calls in 5 minutes from:258-958-5673,258-952-8562,258-954-0600,258-957-5193,258-952-5923 258-959-2263,258-953-8584 first one 8:07,8:08 8:09 ... "
  • 2585201257 "Call about a student loan. I have no student loans I have begged these people to quit calling . Yesterday they called me 11 times. ... "
  • 2587458965 "Got a call from a man named Stephen who told me that Windows was sending them error messages. Told him I was reporting him to the BBB and the police. ... "
  • 2587458965 "called me 6.2.16. Told me my computer had been sending them error messages for a couple of weeks and they were from Microsoft 10 windows. I told the ... "

  • 2587458965 "Guy from India has called 20- 30 times saying my computer is infected and nneds to repair it. I told him to fck off! each time ... "
  • 2587458965 "Crank call, pick up the phone, no voice answered. ... "
  • 2587458965 "this number phoned me at 1:30 pm today 5/31. I didn't answer, and it hung up without leaving a message on my voice mail. As I have registered with don ... "
  • 2587458965 "Some person called from this number, caller ID: unavailable and sounded like from India saying my computer has been hacked and I needed to let them fi ... "
  • 2587458965 "Computer tech support scam, it was fun to see how long I could keep them on the phone so that they would not be calling others. ... "
  • 2580003768 "Do you know I have a big ***** ? Then some other obscene language. ... "
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