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  • 3596510961 "I've been harassed by multiple numbers from these same people for over a month ! One guy continued to mess with me asking if I were a ***** or a red ... "
  • 3596510961 "I have received numerous calls from this number over the past week. When I answer, they hang up. What is the object of calling someone and hanging up. ... "
  • 3596510961 "I have been called around 12 times yesterday from a "Peter" working for the "U.S. Grant Department" I decided to find out the area ... "
  • 3596510961 "Called 4 times today have not answered ... "

  • 3596510961 "They called me 6 times in one day. I finally answered and they told me they were part of a grant program. So then I told him to stop calling me in to ... "
  • 3596510961 "ASHLEY: loll she is the senior adviser and she is going to explain how I am ed for this free grants.When I forced her for her details she just hung up ... "
  • 3596510961 "Received two calls today. Did not recognize the number so I rejected the call. ... "
  • 3596510961 "I have been receiving phone calls telling me that I have received a government grant. The caller knew my name and address, tried to get more informat ... "
  • 3596510961 "A guy has been calling to my previous work constantly. One of my colleagues answers and the guy claims that I earned an Education Grant through the U. ... "
  • 3596510961 "Claims hes with U.S. Department of Education and claims my phone number has been ed for an Education Grant through the U.S. Government. Continues to c ... "
  • 3596510961 ""Beder," who has a thick accent, called me claiming I have been ed for a grant from the U.S. Grant Department. They won't stop calling me an ... "
  • 3594582179 "Calling every few minutes. Tried blocking by blocking everyone not on my call list which is a good idea in case I get an important call from someone ... "
  • 3594582179 "Amazingly annoying. I got his name and phone number and told him i was reporting him but now cals every 5 minutes ... "
  • 3594582179 "keeps calling every minute!!!!! ... "
  • 3594582179 "Offering a government grant you do not have to pay back or pay taxes on. You just have to answer a few simple questions. Will call back til there are ... "
  • 3594582179 "They dont give up! Ive had at least 6 calls today! It happens daily & im sick of it. Im disabled, and if I hurry to answer the call I could hurt m ... "
  • 3594582179 "received 3 calls today but didn't answer ... "
  • 3594582179 "Fraud call from a phone boiler room. ... "
  • 3594582179 "Every day I get back to back calls on my work phone from 359-458-2179. No one ever says anything. Can someone please tell me how to stop them? ... "
  • 3594582179 "They call literally every 4 mins and I can't block them on this phone..don't know what to do... ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
35929435150 359-985-4715 359-246-8739 359-235-0000