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  • 3802091549 "Said they were coming to my home to delivery court papers. That I was being SUED. Said that I owed for a pay day loan and said he was going to go aft ... "
  • 3802041166 "Caller ID spoofed call, phone harassment has occurred from this number, someone intends to annoy, harass by constantly making phone to ring and refusi ... "
  • 3802091898 "Ive requested at least 10 times to be placed on do not call list and they keep calling...can not call the number back ... "
  • 3802091688 "They keep calling after I've requested at least 10 times to be put on do not call list...can not call them back ... "

  • 3803905487 "Text message scammer stating you have been tagged in photos ... "
  • 3801114858 "kept hanging up ... "
  • 3801114858 "Received call from 380-111-4858 claiming the need to access my computer to protect it. Said his company was a contracted arm of Microsoft. ... "
  • 3801114858 "Claimed to be in computer security, and that he said he needed to access my computer to protect it from attack ... "
  • 3801114858 "call our office has an Indian accent said he was calling from a network security and that our computers are infected with malware which is being sent ... "
  • 3801114858 "Indian guy called me saying he was from 'cybersecurity' and they were getting activity from my cmoputer. Hung up. Hang up the phone and DO NOT talk to ... "
  • 3801114858 "JUst got a call from this number. Sounds like the same guy as above posts, however he wasn't rude just persistant. I told him I wasn't comfortable wi ... "
  • 3801114858 "Called claiming to be network security, I said funny I have no computer. He insisted I did haha, I assure you I don't. He had an Indian accent. He sai ... "
  • 3801114858 "Indian man yelling at me about my computer in the house has a security issue! Who is this idiot!!!!!!? I told him he has the wrong phone number ... "
  • 3801114858 "I never ever answer a call from a number I don't recognize; but I will "search it". Yep, I blocked it. That and I figured no legitimate comp ... "
  • 3801114858 "A man with Indian accent claiming to be calling from network security ... I didn't talk to him, I just hung up my phone. ... "
  • 3801114858 "Called saying to give the phone to "john" I saod there was no John. He kept yelling at me saying I was lying to him, that John was my husban ... "
  • 3801114858 "Indian guys claiming network security. Said my computer had stopped working ... "
  • 3801114858 "STOP these people from harassing people!! ... "
  • 3801114858 "these are people who RIP YOU OFF and MESS up your computer. They then HOUND you from VARIOUS phone numbers constantly. ... "
  • 3801114858 "Indian guy saying network security ... blocked the number... ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
380-390-9279 380-209-1521 380-209-1675 380-444-4814 38011114858 380-143-5214