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  • 525613707238 "caller stated daughter was in an accident and she was in the wrong place at the wrong time and in an accident and he needed money $1,000. had a crying ... "
  • 525613707238 "Pretended to be in trouble. Girl was crying and a dude said something about a ***** so I hung up and rejected the call. It came from Mexico. ... "
  • 525613707238 "Received call saying family member was in an accident, i needed to go get them! They needed me to go get them and bring money or they were going to ki ... "
  • 525613707238 "They've been in an accident and are really scared.. that i need to go get them. ... "

  • 525613707238 "They pretended to be in a car accident ... "
  • 525613707238 "they pretend they are related to you and that some one was in accident. extortion ... "
  • 525613707238 "started swearing when phone answered ... "
  • 525457971 "No message- only calls ... "
  • 5256600641 "These folks call and say that there is a problem with my Windows application and that I need to update it. The person has a very strong Indian/Pakist ... "
  • 525587767701 "Terrifying call. I wasn't sure who to report the call to. I'm relieved to find out it's a scam and not some women in distress. Pretty convincing actre ... "
  • 525587767701 "Same kidnapping call as reported below: background music, kidnapping, we have your child, requested money, etc. ... "
  • 525587767701 "Just got the same call from the same phone number I hung up on them. ... "
  • 525587767701 "received same kidnapping call. ... "
  • 525587767701 "They called saying that they had my daughter. I heard someone crying. And they also requested money to let her go or if I did not send the money they ... "
  • 525587767701 "Call came to my mobile cell from Mexico.. Called #1 cried “Mom” several times and said “it’s me”. Caller #2 stated†... "
  • 525511029898 "Call not completed. Extra digits. ... "
  • 5258548159 "they state calling at 730am then call every 3 hours till 930pm. the one times they said something they said my computer reported to have serious prob ... "
  • 52523319241185 "I received a strange call from this number. I was afraid to answer. I don't know from where this call originated from. ... "
  • 52526647906422 "A man called asked for Susana saying it was my cousin Juan Hernandez who needed help because he hit a Landrover, people from Mexico who did not want t ... "
  • 5255074910 "Wanted me to give them all my information and said I had an outstanding balance of $30,000, but wouldn't tell me who they were or who the creditor was ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
525617865589 52558776771 525-211-9000 525-633-2686 525-639-0790 525-648-0020 525529298102 525585268396 525-224-1554 525-329-0516 52536419914