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  • 7689563625 "It's something about the government. It's a scam. Sometimes they don't say anything. I call back to see what company or agency and its a dead number.T ... "
  • 7689563625 "I received 7 calls from this number starting at 6:22am ... "
  • 7689563625 "I receive back to back calls numerous times per day and I would like for it to stop. I'm not home when the calls are made but they are clogging up my ... "
  • 7689563625 "Started getting this number calling me 15 times today. I blocked them on my cell but still shows they called me. I told them 3 times to stop calling a ... "

  • 7689563625 "They call 4 and 5 time a day but leave no messages nor can I return the call. ... "
  • 7689563625 "People with Indian accents saying they are the government ... "
  • 7689563625 "I'm getting every day a call from +1 (768) 956-3625 . they are usually presented as a government departmentand ask me about my citizenship status. ... "
  • 7689563625 "They have called me 10-15 times today. They hang up when you answer. Never leave a voicemail. Super aggravating ... "
  • 7689563625 "I don't know who this is. They have called me a total of 12-20 times a day. When you answer they hangup. They proceed to call again within a minute o ... "
  • 7682553698 "I received a call stating he was my grandson. I knew it was a scam so I told him I don't have any grandsons so he hung up ... "
  • 7687878767 "They keep calling and not leaving a message. ... "
  • 7687878767 ""Yes, Ma'am This is Microsoft, We have received disturbing activity from your Computer, We are Microsoft Global center.You have Windows 7. We nee ... "
  • 7687878767 "I've been receiving calls from this number for a couple of months. Computer scam, now calling and just yelling "Hello?" "Hello?" ... "
  • 7687878767 "I've blocked this number, in three days they have called me 18 times. The first calls came in as private and I could not block it...but the calls from ... "
  • 7687878767 "constant calling, finally blocked the numer ... "
  • 7687878767 "calling me all the time wanting me to push keys on my computer ... "
  • 7687878767 "Same story. They claim to be from Windows support. What a joke. They a simply trying to trap the na├»ve. Don't know what they are looking for but they ... "
  • 7687878767 "I've received several calls. The first time I told the guy my computer hasn't been used in years in fact its broken he hung up. The second time the sa ... "
  • 7687878767 "Keep getting calls from this number. They are trying to get your info for identity theft. They claimed to be from Microsoft also. I told him I wanted ... "
  • 7687878767 "yes had a call telling me they wanted to help me cause was having --downloaded without my permission AND would walk me through it to get rid of it..du ... "
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Suspicious Phone Numbers:
768-603-8752 768-504-5894 768-265-1568