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  • 8383333734 "This is the call back number they gave me so I could call them back and provide my credit card number. Said they will eliminate my card debt but it's ... "
  • 8383333734 "My aunt got involved with this and I am taking over her finances. They told her she only had to pay the minimum fee for three months and then all rem ... "
  • 8383333734 "David Johnson, ext. 9000 (middle eastern or India accent ) call back 838-333-3734. He's waiting for me to call back after I check out references on th ... "
  • 8383333734 "They seem to target veterans also. I’m so scared. I gave them information and ignored my gut feeling. I’m so sad and now they have all my informa ... "

  • 8383333734 "Called and then was transferred when I told them I wanted something in writing to review. I got 'Bella', she didn't like me asking where she was, she ... "
  • 8383333734 "On Friday 2/18/22 I was contacted by Optum Consumer Financial Services, Eric Nixon, explaining a new federal program for those who have payed more tha ... "
  • 8383333734 "Called by a woman didn't get her name maybe michelle transferred to her supervisor Ryan Smith (Indian accent), from Consumer Financial Services and to ... "
  • 8383333734 "They would wipe out my credit card debt. They were asking for my card info. I provided the last 4 digits and he was able to pull my credit limit, bala ... "
  • 8383333734 "They want to wipe out my credit card debts, never gave me their Nameof company. They will wipe out nearly $20,000, but I will be making payments to a ... "
  • 8383333734 "Some body With the name Mallori Perker and try to get all my debt on reduccion program. ... "
  • 8383333734 "Called saying he was with Visa and can help to lower my Debt due to the Pandemic. He said his name was Alex Grey on 838-333-3734 ext.9000 and their co ... "
  • 8383333734 "Received a call from 984-204-7747. Caller identified himself as Kevin Dean (obviously English was his second language - Caller had a heavy accent; pos ... "
  • 8383333734 "Called as International Caller...9284933934...8-12-2021..Said he was representing Chase..knew last four digits of my social security number and my cha ... "
  • 8383333734 "The called sounded very professional and courteous. He asked for the last 5 digits of my credit card number of my American Express card, my zip code a ... "
  • 8383333734 "Received call supposedly from Experian claiming they would eliminate my credit card debt. Henry Davis, badge #BT613085, gave return phone number of 8 ... "
  • 8383333734 "The scammer called claiming to be with a Consumer debt relief company. He had all my account information and it seemed slightly acceptable until they ... "
  • 8383333734 "Henry Davis (Indian accent) from Consumer Debt Elimination called me. His #BT613085. He knew my credit card debt and that I pay on time. Program du ... "
  • 8383333734 "A guy named Mark Hanna called with a debt relief program from Credit Bureau Experian. I tried to get on the website which didn't exist. He knew my So ... "
  • 8383333734 "Mark Hanna (Indian accent) knew my Social Security number, most of my credit card accounts, mother's maiden name, ... "
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838-333-1789 838-333-1705 838-333-3735 838-333-3736 838-384-2042 8388073 838023182 838389 8388389 83841607 838-325-5212