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838-333-3734 / (838) 333-3734 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Paula Jamison on December 08, 2022
"Much the same comments as many of the comments from others here in this stream. Middle Eastern accents- w/ very AMERICAN names...e.g:
"Paul Warren", "Ben McKensie". THEY had ALL MY INFO...which they literally read off to me. asking for more and giving me a speel about removing my credit card debt NO COST...."

CALLER ID: "Hogan Lovells U
CALLER COMPANY: Consumer Financial Services

Submitted by ELA on December 02, 2022

CALLER ID: 530-227-2831

Submitted by amy on December 02, 2022
"Said they were calling from Consumer Credit Financial Services and his name was " David Johnson". As soon as I called him a scammer, he tried to defend himself and then hung up"

CALLER ID: 3305137020
CALLER COMPANY: Consumer Credit Financial Services

Submitted by Paula on November 22, 2022
"Received call from them. Asked for their number so I could call them back"

Submitted by Godzilla-9 on October 04, 2022
"This is the call back number they gave me so I could call them back and provide my credit card number. Said they will eliminate my card debt but it's really refinancing it. Suspect it is National Debt Relief. Told me they are in Brooklyn, NY but 838 area code is in or around Albany-Schenectady, NY. This landline number is registered with Onvoy. "Paul Warren" said it is toll free. It is not."

CALLER ID: Bank of America (spoofed)

Submitted by Godzilla-9 on August 26, 2022
"This is the call back number they gave me so I could call them back and provide my credit card number. Said they will eliminate my card debt but it's really refinancing it. Suspect it is National Debt Relief. Told me they are in Philadelphia. PA."

CALLER ID: varies
CALLER COMPANY: Consumer Debt Relief

Submitted by Sarah on June 08, 2022
"My aunt got involved with this and I am taking over her finances. They told her she only had to pay the minimum fee for three months and then all remaining debt would be cancelled. She didn't have any written documentation so I called to find out what was going on. They answered with just "Customer Service" and were very vague. I told them I wanted information sent to her address on file to which he then transferred me to his manager "Paul". I told them only her name to which Paul then said she wasn't enrolled in any program and would have to enroll. When I insisted she claimed to have enrolled, he got very aggressive with me and I hung up. I was very cautious to not give any personal information. This is sketch!!!!!"

CALLER ID: 838-333-3734
CALLER COMPANY: Consumer Finance Services - Debt Free America

Submitted by Steffanie on May 24, 2022
"David Johnson, ext. 9000 (middle eastern or India accent ) call back 838-333-3734. He's waiting for me to call back after I check out references on this number and his company.
offering a COVID debt elimination relief based on credit history via Experian.and 2 other major credit reporting services he told me names of but couldn't hear clearly with accent. Obama supposedly started it and because I had paid my cards off timely and even extra I was being rewarded with debt elimination which wouldn't cost me anything to do .
When he started to ask me for credit card information, total balances , . I had to make sure I had a current card, not expired one. he said he had all of my credit card information available and could quote my balance, last payment, interest rate and minimum payment due for 4 of my credit cards. But I never called him back to have him prove it cuz he had all the info he'd need me to verify anything on my statements he said and I wasn't giving him all my info I told him.

When asking him what info he would need from me after checking his number and company out on internet
1. Expiration date
2. Credit card number to match in his files. He gave first 4 digits I was to give him the rest
3 billing zip code
4 last 4 numbers of social security number
5. Date of birth"

CALLER ID: +18153237168
CALLER COMPANY: Consumer financial services

Submitted by Christine Fl on May 10, 2022
"They seem to target veterans also. I’m so scared. I gave them information and ignored my gut feeling. I’m so sad and now they have all my information and idk what to do now to protect myself. I said on their “recorded line” I do not want any of my information used or given to anyone. At all. But they have certain security questions that they had partial answers to and I gave the rest. Omg. I am now requesting new cards and changing the address on them. They have enough information to literally ruin me or commit fraud. Disgusting. They’ll also tell you Obama utilized their service in 2009. I’m like okay what’s the service called? He said I can’t answer the next person will tell you because they are admin I’m just financial advisor."

CALLER COMPANY: Debt Elimination

Submitted by Rae on March 07, 2022
"Called and then was transferred when I told them I wanted something in writing to review. I got 'Bella', she didn't like me asking where she was, she said Texas. I doubt that was true, but maybe.
Anyway, she asked which card I was trying to pay off, and I said all of them, she asked what logo does the card I want to pay off have. Responded with I don't know, I have several, then she mentioned she could help me by going through my credit card statements. When I asked her how does she have access to my statements she said they are credit card services.
Told her I would call her back, she gave me her number and extention 2001. She said I'll be waiting for your call, when are you calling me back. Too much pressure and shady AF"

CALLER ID: 838-333-3734
CALLER COMPANY: Credit card services (they said)

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