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838-333-3734 / (838) 333-3734 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Paul Hanchin on October 09, 2021
"Called saying he was with Visa and can help to lower my Debt due to the Pandemic. He said his name was Alex Grey on 838-333-3734 ext.9000 and their company is in Florida. He said all credit card balances will be eliminated in three months. Ask for card numbers and last four of SS#. Said all he needed to do charge 50 of the remaianing balance as a service fee to cancel credit debt. Said credit score will go back after 14 months. Billed charge will appear as CM Solutions 877-806-9088"


Submitted by Ericka on August 16, 2021
"Received a call from 984-204-7747. Caller identified himself as Kevin Dean (obviously English was his second language - Caller had a heavy accent; possibly Middle Eastern/Indian (?)) offering a COVID debt relief based on credit history via Experian.

When he started to ask me for credit card information, last 4 of SSN, and then came back after a silent pause, he had all of my credit card information available and quoted my balance, last payment, interest rate and minimum payment due for 4 of my credit cards.
Then he wanted my billing zip code.
Every time he asked for additional information from me, I would question and tell him that I was not comfortable giving him this information. He repeatedly told me that he understood my concern, but that he was not selling anything, just trying to help relieve my debt under the Fair Credit Act.
He did have partial account numbers that he wanted to confirm the complete number and expiration dates for verification purposes on a recorded line. He said that this would work on the 2 credit cards with the highest balances if I paid my minimum payments for the next 3 months.
I became more and more concerned as the call progressed and he was asking more personal information and said that he would be transferring me to an account specialist and I told him that I didn't have time since I was at work. He asked if he could call back another time or I could call him back at his direct number is 1-838-333-3734 Ext 9000.
He further states his employee ID Number is KD94500.
I ended the call without agreeing to anything and then found this webpage with all of the similar reports. WATCH OUT!!"

CALLER ID: Raleight, NC

Submitted by Richard Goldberg on August 12, 2021
"Called as International Caller...9284933934...8-12-2021..Said he was representing Chase..knew last four digits of my social security number and my chase amazon account balance?? I will immediately be calling Chase to cancel replace the cards.."

CALLER ID: 9284933934

Submitted by Reese on August 06, 2021
"The called sounded very professional and courteous. He asked for the last 5 digits of my credit card number of my American Express card, my zip code and the last 4 digits of my social security number. I provided all fictitious info to prove his legitimacy. He placed me on a hold for a moment and came back saying that my information didn’t match his files. He also stated that his website was The phone number that appeared on my caller ID did not match the number that he called me from, nor did it match the website’s phone number. When I informed him that the number seemed to be a scam call, he immediately got defensive and sarcastic over the phone and said that was trying to help my credit. I explained to him that a credit bureau would NEVER request these types of identifiable pieces of information and he assured me that he couldn’t do anything with my info because it was just the last 4 of my SS vs the entire 9 digits. When I attempted to call him during the phone call on a 2nd number (838-333-3734 ext 9000) that he provided to me he picked up again. When I got off the phone I tried calling the number back, no one answered. This confirms that this is someone calling and acting like a legitimate credit card debt relief agent, that is actually a FRAUD!!!!! Consumers Beware!!!! Hope this helps everyone!!"

CALLER ID: 7189893251

Submitted by ANGELA on July 29, 2021
"Received call supposedly from Experian claiming they would eliminate my credit card debt. Henry Davis, badge #BT613085, gave return phone number of 838-333-3734 ext. 9000. Seemed fairly professional, but call back number he provided did not match what showed on caller ID. He asked for card expiration date for verification purposes, which I did not provide. I terminated the call at that point."

CALLER ID: 704-969-3790

Submitted by Karen Sangster on July 23, 2021
"The scammer called claiming to be with a Consumer debt relief company. He had all my account information and it seemed slightly acceptable until they started asking for money, red flags went up and I hung up and called Capital one and let them know. We closed my account immediately. The number they gave me was (838)333-3734 extension 9000. He said his name was Jason Clark, he had an Indian accent and didn't sound right."

CALLER ID: (682)375-2338
CALLER COMPANY: Consumer Financial Services

Submitted by Brenda on July 06, 2021
"Henry Davis (Indian accent) from Consumer Debt Elimination called me. His #BT613085. He knew my credit card debt and that I pay on time. Program due to covid. His extension is #9000. I did a reverse search on the number and nothing came up."

CALLER COMPANY: Consumers Credit

Submitted by Linda on June 14, 2021
"A guy named Mark Hanna called with a debt relief program from Credit Bureau Experian. I tried to get on the website which didn't exist. He knew my Social Security number, credit card information from several cards, Mother's maiden name and gave a call back number of 838-333-3734. He gave me an accurate balance for my Disc card."

CALLER ID: 480-447-3570
CALLER COMPANY: Credit Bureau Experian

Submitted by Linda Collins on June 14, 2021
"Mark Hanna (Indian accent) knew my Social Security number, most of my credit card accounts, mother's maiden name,"

CALLER ID: 480-447-3570
CALLER COMPANY: Credit Bureau Experian

Submitted by Deborah on June 04, 2021
"Called today and other days from experian would eliminated my debt in 3 month.
Knew social security and credit card numbers."

CALLER ID: 5122858585
CALLER COMPANY: consumer insurance

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