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838-333-3734 / (838) 333-3734 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Dan Look on January 15, 2021
"I am on the phone with David Parker and he knows my credit card numbers and he knows how much I owe on them. He claims to be with Experian and he says there is a Covid program that will erase my credit card debt."


Submitted by Frank Pennachio on January 11, 2021
"Received a call from 888-567-8688. caller identified himself as Paul Warren, Senior account Manager with Chase Bank. I had him repeat that info to confirm.
Indicates his direct tel nbr is 1-838-333-3734 Ext 9000.
He further states his employee ID Number is 1039 SCS.
He possesses my personal information (No I did not provide it) and indicates he can eliminate my debt under the FAIR CREDIT ACT. He had a knowledge of my present Credit Card debt and credit cards with a balance He wanted me to be in possession of 2 of my credit cards that are carrying the highest balance. I indicated I did not presently have access to those cards and caller wanted me to call him back when I was in possession of those 2 cards. Caller had a heavy accent ; possibly middle eastern/Indian/Pakistani (?) He also said he was not offering crredit or selling anything. He further stated that at the conclusion of the call he would email me the Fair Credit Act and related documents to ELIMINATE my existing credit card debt. Rec'vd several calls from 838-333-3736 which I did not answer immediately prior to answering the call from 888-567-8688"

CALLER ID: 888-567-8688

Submitted by KRISTY KITTELSON on December 29, 2020
"838-333-3734 x9000 "ETHAN THOMAS"

said he was from "Debt Free America", called to pay off my debt with the fair credit act law."

CALLER ID: 5702573826

Submitted by Mary B on December 18, 2020
"call from the 838 number said his name is David Parker with Experian said I qualify to get help on paying off credit cards."

CALLER ID: 901-425-3808

Submitted by Pam on December 17, 2020
"AT&T scam. Tried to order a phone and requested pin. Pin was used to change my password."

CALLER ID: 8188435322

Submitted by Chris Villalon on November 11, 2020
"I received a call today from this number. He does have a heavy Indian accent but he's claiming that his name is Nick Parker and he can eliminate 70 of my debt. Sounds too good to be true so I am hesitant to call him back"


Submitted by Mary on November 05, 2020
"A Jason Clark with a heavy Indian accent called stating he was from Fair Credit a government agency for debt relief. He had way too much personal information about me. Beware and careful, a very scary scammer."


Submitted by Jim on October 30, 2020
"I was called from a different number, 810-800-2911, but was given this number (838-333-3734) as a call back number. They were offering a debt relief option for my chase credit card, they had way too much information to start with. They claimed to be from the "debt relief dept" at chase. As I asked questions it got very suspicious and the call was "ped" multiple times. When I called back I talked to a man who was extremely vulgar, and went to the extent to threaten the life of myself and my family. Both men I talked to had heavy Indian accents. I was told they were located in Pheonix, Az first, then Florida, meanwhile the number is from Albony, NY, and Hartland, Mi. Be on your guard, the world is full of scammers."

Submitted by Amy B on October 14, 2020
"They claim to be debt relief and ask a bunch of very sensitive questions - probably a scam to get information"


Submitted by Ronald H. Walters on August 11, 2020
"I was working with a company, Netural tandem new york city LLC, on some debt relief. When I realized they were not being honest I told them I was not interested. Then I got a barrage of calls from all over the US (different ID's on the phone) from the same guy multiple times and about 40 calls back to back each time. His name is Kim Harper or so he said. I told him to take me off his list but he just wanted to argue with me. Once you say take me off the list as I am not interested then their should be no further contact but this company does not believe in that. I looked his number up on line to get his companies name as I could never get that from him other than its mastercard or visa. Please take care of this issue as I am tired of dealing with it."

CALLER ID: unknown
CALLER COMPANY: Verizon Wireless

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