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Have you received a call from 235-484-0009? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (235) 484-0009

235-484-0009 / (235) 484-0009 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Irritated on March 11, 2017
"This number (235-484-0009) has called 9 times since yesterday. Please do something!"

CALLER ID: Out of Area

Submitted by California USA on March 10, 2017
"Been called 3/4 an hour will not answer. Looked up area code it is an unassigned area code used by callers outside the US. I WOULD LOVE TO KNOW HOW TO STOP THEM CALLING."

CALLER ID: 234-484-0009

Submitted by Dino on March 10, 2017
"Repeated calls for several days. One day had 11 calls from this number before noon. About the same today. Don't answer."

CALLER ID: Invalid Number

Submitted by shirley on March 09, 2017
"three calls in just the last 30 minutes...did not answer but does anyone know a name that belongs to this number?"

Submitted by Jill C on March 09, 2017
"This number has called me repeatedly, and I have not answered until this afternoon. When I did answer, there was a 3-second wait, and then a woman with what sounded like an Indian accent said, "Halloooo?" I hung up without saying a word, and will not answer this number again."

CALLER ID: (235) 484-0009

Submitted by Cliff Wright on March 09, 2017
"There was info about the number that called just a number and I didn't answer it, they have called over 4 times so far! I looked it up here on the web and it says it's a scam. I only take calls from friends and family so I know this was another scam!!!Seems to be anew one every darn day!"

Submitted by stop calling me on March 09, 2017
"this number has called my house one night about every 30 minutes for about 2 hours telling me my computer had downloads/viruses that needed attention. I told them my computer was fine and hung up. they continued to call and I was getting mad. I could barely understand the guy. I work with IT people and I know my computer is fine. they have called several times since that. we just don't answer the phone."

CALLER ID: 235-484-0009

Submitted by James on March 06, 2017
"Continual calls all day long from 235-484-0009 stating I have multiple viruses on all my computers. As soon as I stated that I was a I T tech myself, they quickly hung up. However, they keep calling."

CALLER ID: 235-484-0009
CALLER COMPANY: Name Unavailable

Submitted by Richard on March 05, 2017
"Same as others. Chap with Indian accent saying my computer was infected. They'd tried this about three months ago as well. I told him to @@@@ off. Calling is not a crime, but I'm sure they do scam people and then it is a criminal offense. But calls are probably routed via online phone services, and most likely untraceable."

CALLER ID: 235-484-0009

Submitted by Carolyn Webber on March 04, 2017
"This number keeps calling every hour and no one is on the other end"

CALLER ID: 235-484-0009
CALLER COMPANY: it states Name unavailable

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