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Have you received a call from 235-484-0009? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (235) 484-0009

235-484-0009 / (235) 484-0009 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Walter on February 25, 2017
"Was out sick from work the other day & noticed phone calls on the hour from an unknown # in the AM hours. No message is left. Just got another call from this # on a Saturday. No message is left just a hang-up"

CALLER ID: 2354840009
CALLER COMPANY: unavailable

Submitted by REE on February 25, 2017
"This number calls my home number several times a day. If I don't answer, they hang up when my voice mail system picks up. If I do answer, they either hang upon they just talk gibberish. I've attempted to return their calls on my cell phone and the calls don't go through. Lastly, I've had calls from them as early as 5:30 in the morning, and as late as 9:00 at night."

Submitted by Clare on February 24, 2017
"I have gotten multiple calls from this number and when I don't answer they let it ring till my voice mail answers and then hang up. I have answered twice the first time I said hello and they hung up immediately. The second time I answered I didn't say anything and they waited longer to hang up."

Submitted by Erin on February 24, 2017
"Called saying they were getting signals from my computer. As I genuinely do not own one, I asked them rather enthusiastically to help me find it, saying that I didn't know I had one. Asked what color it is, where it might be, etc. They hung up."

Submitted by Scott on February 24, 2017
"I answered the first call from, this number and heard giberish."

CALLER ID: Verizon

Submitted by Sarah B on February 24, 2017
"This unrecognized number keeps calling today. The ID says "Name Unavailable". I did not answer. I've seen the reports others have left, and I have answered calls before where the caller asks for exactly the same thing. They say there is a problem with Windows on my PC. When I tell them it's a lie and that this is a scam because I don't own that sort of computer, they argue & insist it's not a scam & that I do own such a computer. SE Asian accent. I hang up."

CALLER ID: Name Unavailable

Submitted by JMP on February 24, 2017
"I answered the third time this number called my cell phone this morning and was told it was an important message about my computer. She asked if I was the owner of the computer.

I told her she should be ashamed of herself and she hung up immediately."

CALLER ID: 2354840009

Submitted by Ben on February 24, 2017
"Called saying my computer was giving signals o er internet. I asked for company name and they hung up"

Submitted by Concerned Citizen on February 24, 2017
"Called stating they were from Windows Computer Services about receiving error messages from my system. I played along... asked them to give me a user license number, they tried to get me to be in front of my computer. Had a great conversation and then asked if they would like to be connected to my IT department since they called a business phone. They immediately hung up. Definitely a scam."

Submitted by Takeshi Kaneshiro on February 24, 2017
"Called 14 times. Hangs up when answered. No voicemail left"

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