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Have you received a call from 235-484-0009? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (235) 484-0009

235-484-0009 / (235) 484-0009 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by A concerned person on March 04, 2017
"This number called me 10 times a day I do not answer hoping they will Benchley give up !! I'm even on the no caller list and they're still calling what is up with that ???"

CALLER ID: 2354840009

Submitted by kristin hayes on March 04, 2017
"said I had corrupted files and he was going to guide me through a few technical steps to remove them"

CALLER ID: 23548480009

Submitted by Linda Woolnough on March 04, 2017
"Called 7 times in a 2 hour period even though I asked them to stop calling"

CALLER ID: unknown number

Submitted by Tony on March 03, 2017
"Same as most above. I have requested they stop calling. Once I asked what I needed to do to get them to stop calling and was told send $100.... Today 3/3/17 they called 7 times during a 3 hour period. How do we stop this?"

CALLER ID: 235-484-0009

Submitted by Heather D on March 03, 2017
"This number called 6 times in 3 hours. When I answered, there was no response. I'm blocking the number. Can't have them waking up the whole house all night."

CALLER ID: 235-484-0009

Submitted by Heather on March 03, 2017
"this number wont' stop calling getting multiple calls a day and have asked to remove me from their list and stop calling and they seem to just call more."

Submitted by Christina on March 03, 2017
"3-3-2017 Someone claiming to be from a computer maintenance company called me today about a supposed problem with our computer. I got three calls throughout the day. They have been calling us for months (I think in other seasons it has been from a different number), but today I wrote down the caller ID# before I answered it so that I could file a report."

CALLER ID: 235-484-0009

Submitted by Taxpayer on March 02, 2017
"Person with accent claims to represent a computer servicing company. Asked where located, says Los Angeles California. Told him not to call again and remove me from his call list. According to research this is a scam that has an origin using this same phone back to 2008. Why has the FTC not eliminated this scourge & scam over the years that he has been a predator on vulnerable taxpayers?"

CALLER ID: 235-484-0009

Submitted by Mike on March 01, 2017
"Nuisance calls at all hours and incessant frequency. I told them to f-off after several days of this."

Submitted by Mel on February 28, 2017
"I have had 5 calls today from 235-484-0009. I finally answered and they said they were from Microsoft and that they own the rights to my PC and there have been infected files downloaded. I couldn't understand because of a heavy accent. I asked to speak with a supervisor who was rude and telling me I HAD to take the steps I was told as he was part of the Government associated with this "virus". I asked for his name, name of business and telephone number. He hung up on me. DO NOT GIVE OUT ANY INFORMATION TO THESE PEOPLE. THEY ARE OBVIOUS SCAMMERS.ELEVEN (11) calls since yesterday, 02/27/2017."

CALLER ID: 235-484-0009

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