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Have you received a call from 315-232-8257? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (315) 232-8257

315-232-8257 / (315) 232-8257 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Trish on June 18, 2021
"They keep calling from a different number but the vm says to call back to some phone number with a 315 area code. So this is a scam? How do they work it or what do they get out of it iif a caller purportedly pressed 1 or 2 after answering the call instead of calling back?"

Submitted by LT on June 17, 2021
"Received call that Apple iCloud account has been breached stop using all apple devices and call 315.232.8257 toll free number. The number on my vm was 317.770.8364 is unallocated"

CALLER ID: 3177708364

Submitted by Lorri Forquer on June 17, 2021
"called every 15 to 20 minutes for four hours from various spoofed phone numbers."

Submitted by Earl on June 15, 2021
"Called for two day every half hour"

Submitted by Elizabeth on June 12, 2021
"Called every 8 minutes for 3 hours"

CALLER COMPANY: Apple Support Scam

Submitted by Ray on June 06, 2021
"There are con artists out there! It's a good thing that I looked up the number (315-232-8257} that was left on the voice recording, because it led me to this site to find out that numerous others have received the same, fraudulent, warning message about "suspicious activity on your [my] i-cloud account" reporting that my account had "been breached". The electronic voice message went on to instruct pressing keypad numbers to connect with support staff (hilarious, but ominous - I've been defrauded before, and it's frightening and depressing). The message came from phone# 205-355-1979."

CALLER COMPANY: "apple support"

Submitted by D on May 21, 2021
"15 calls in less than 2 hrs. Always the same nonsense, my nonexistent iCloud account is in danger. Different numbers with my prefix. Got another one while I was typing. Lock them up."

CALLER COMPANY: apple support

Submitted by Fed Up on May 15, 2021
"I am fed up with these Aholes.....isnt there any way to stop them. They have called me 10 times in the last 40 minutes. My caller Id is different each time; sometimes local numbers, mostly random meaningless gibberish. They need to be arrested for this deliberate harassment."

CALLER ID: 315-232-8257
CALLER COMPANY: Apple Cloud Account

Submitted by Anon on May 14, 2021
"Scam call, three times in 30 minutes, left a message using a computerized voice stating there is a breach of your Apple iCloud account. Call the 315-232-8257 number right away. Checked out the number and found myself among others receiving the same scam attempt."

Submitted by Kathy on April 16, 2021
"The cost of that my iCloud account was hacked and then I should call Apple immediately before I do anything on my Apple devices"

CALLER ID: The cost of that my iCloud account was hacked and then I should call Apple immediately before I do anything on my Apple devices3153238257
CALLER COMPANY: 3152328257

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