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Have you received a call from 315-232-8257? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (315) 232-8257

315-232-8257 / (315) 232-8257 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by VB on October 21, 2020
"Every 15 minutes all day long "Olivia" is telling us about Suspicious activity on our Apple account. We don't have one."

CALLER ID: 315-232-8257
CALLER COMPANY: Unknown (Apple)

Submitted by Jack on October 20, 2020
"Calls every 15 minutes from different numbers, all with area code 474, and invalid 7-digit number following."

Submitted by Stormrunner on October 20, 2020
"14 phone calls in 2 hours!!

All from a different 404 area code phone numbers,listed in Florida.

If you don't answer, they leave a voice mail saying to call Apple Support at 315-232-8257"

CALLER COMPANY: Apple support

Submitted by Laura peyton on October 20, 2020
"Keep calling!"

CALLER ID: 3152328257

Submitted by Janet on October 19, 2020
"I have received 4 calls in the last hour from different spoofed numbers leaving the same voicemail regarding Apple Support. I keep blocking each number and the voicemails keep showing up."

CALLER ID: 3152328257

Submitted by J. Grimaldi on October 19, 2020
"I received about 8 messages today within 7 hours all from different numbers in the US and one from Ontario claiming to be from Apple support. Extremely annoying!!! Just received an additional one as I was writing this comment. Ugh."

Submitted by Pam on October 17, 2020
"robo call left voice mail to contact apple support
getting these from supposed Microsaft and Apple
left call back #315-232-8257"

CALLER ID: 6578967763

Submitted by anon on October 15, 2020
"This caller is using multiple fake phone numbers with a Virginia area code to blow up my phone and harras me."

Submitted by Human on October 07, 2020
"Harassing calls, for two weeks, several calls at once from different California numbers all leaving a voicemails for me to call 315-232-8257 for more information."

CALLER ID: 3152328257

Submitted by Jimmy on October 06, 2020
"Recieved around 30 calls within a 2 hour period. Even received one while listening to another."

CALLER ID: 305-968-5652
CALLER COMPANY: Says Apple Support

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