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Have you received a call from 315-232-8257? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (315) 232-8257

315-232-8257 / (315) 232-8257 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Bec Wallenborn on July 27, 2020
"I have received SEVENTEEN CALLS IN AN HOUR AND A HALF FROM A HUNTINGTON BEACH exchange of 714-596 with 17 different ending numbers - all which request i call the number listed on this site at 313-232-8257. I have added a block to every number but they are still coming in."

Submitted by Lynn M Cranston on July 26, 2020
"calls about every 20 minutes"

CALLER COMPANY: apple cloud

Submitted by Linda Doudna on July 25, 2020
"Claim my I cloud has been breached. Contact them before using any apple device.
Last night called every 10 to 15 minutes for about 3 hours. Has now started in again

Starts with 805 455 2650
Then leaves 315 232 8257 as a call back"

Submitted by CFluck on July 24, 2020
"Multiple calls from 714-596- to call”Apple support at 315-232-8257."

CALLER ID: 714/596-9543

Submitted by Annette on July 23, 2020
"I have received 8 calls from a variety of numbers starting with (805) from "Apple Support" and I don't have any apple products. When I hit the #1 and another call #2 buttons to speak to a representative, I politely asked to be removed from their list since I have no Apple products. Each time they hung up on me and continue to call"

CALLER ID: 805-455-0260, 6171, 3554, 4328, 0835, 2491, 1797, 3997

Submitted by Steve Estvanik on July 23, 2020
"same as others
this is only one of almost 20 calls pretendimg to be an apple service center (i own no apple products) - once i blocked the number they called from different numbers every 2 min, then every 10' for over 2 hrs - i turned off my phone but they still left voicemail.constant calls every 10-15' - as other reported calls come from 805 450 xxxx, 805 454 xxx 805 458 xxx and more"

CALLER COMPANY: cascoly travel

Submitted by Dcmary on July 22, 2020
"I’ve received the same call saying that my iCloud acct has been broken and to call the 315 numbers."

CALLER ID: 805-455-5489, 805-455-7745

Submitted by S on July 21, 2020
"Received 5 calls in one hour. Prerecorded message that my icloud account has been breached."

CALLER COMPANY: Apple support

Submitted by Jean on July 20, 2020
"I have received calls wanting me to call back this number 4x an hour with voicemails for 3 hours tonight. Calls come from 805 area codes in California but say to call back this number"

CALLER COMPANY: Apple support service

Submitted by Chew on July 20, 2020
"Same as others: Up to 10 calls now. Voice message states from Apple Support Advisor due to iCloud breach: Call 315-232-8257. But, reviewed Caller ID from all calls so far. They all originated out of the (805) area code in CA. All numbers started with 805-45X-XXXX. All tie back to different persons or businesses."

CALLER ID: (805) 45x-xxxx
CALLER COMPANY: random persons and businesses

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