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Have you received a call from 315-232-8257? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (315) 232-8257

315-232-8257 / (315) 232-8257 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by EAG on March 10, 2021
"For days we have received a multitude of calls from various phone numbers about our Apple iCloud account being breached. The ironic thing was that I had just increased the size of our iCloud account — but used password to access. Besides, i don’t believe 315 is toll free."

CALLER ID: I erased all the numbers
CALLER COMPANY: One was Fairfax Co

Submitted by Leanna on March 10, 2021
"Received several phone calls from different local numbers stating that my Apple device or my ICloud account has been breached. I don't own an apple device or have an iCloud account. Definitely a scam. And now they are trying to call again..."

CALLER ID: 3609814037

Submitted by Dave on March 06, 2021
"I received 9 calls today in 1hr 50 mins so far. The caller ID shows local phone numbers for local people and also including a local business JoAnn Fabrics."

Submitted by Tami on March 06, 2021
"Have received 24 calls in 20 minutes all from different numbers that start out as 615-290-
Stating apple support this has been going on for last 48 hours and I have 52 calls and voicemails . This has to stop! They ask to call back at 315-232-8257"

CALLER ID: 6152909595

Submitted by OVER IT on February 22, 2021
"calls me saying Apple Support, calling about a breach in my icloud account. I can call back at a later time to 315-232-8257. (But called from a local Dayton area cell number.)"

CALLER ID: 937-902-8747

Submitted by Tahmil Jenkins on February 21, 2021
"Will Not Stop Calling In The Kansas City Mo Area Codes of 816-333/Will Not Stop Calling With Fake Info."


Submitted by Linda Shively on February 21, 2021
"Within an hour I received 13 calls and of them at least 5 left a voice message on my answering machine. Same automated message was left. Something about my Apple account has been breached and to press one to talk with Apple Support Advisor or call back on toll free number 315-232-8257. The numbers they called from had the same area code and 3 digits but the last 4 changed each time. I unplugged the phone line for the rest of the day."

CALLER ID: 812-867 but last 4 changed
CALLER COMPANY: Spoofed Apple call back

Submitted by Rango on February 13, 2021
"Over a dozen calls still ongoing all with different Caller ID , all leaving message to “call Apple Support at 315-232-8257."

Submitted by Rose on February 09, 2021
"Automated voicemail received when I did not answer telling me not to do anything on my apple device till contacting them,"

Submitted by John C Williams on February 06, 2021
"Have received no less than 10 calls this afternoon plus at least 5 voice messages from 315 232 8257 which is associated with 855-746-3962. More than annoying. Refuse to answer calls. More than annoying"


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