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43598945895844 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by KEW on December 04, 2019
"Male with middle eastern accent called for company CEO. Ask who was calling and he said "Adam". When I put him on hold when the CEO asked who is was, the man hung up. Some kind of scam."

CALLER ID: 43598945895844

Submitted by Jon on December 04, 2019
"Same as above. As soon as I said yes, he hung up."

Submitted by Bill on December 04, 2019
"Same - Seemed to want me to say "Yes""

CALLER ID: 43598945895844

Submitted by JS on December 04, 2019
""Called at work, asked for me as soon as I answered the phone call and said who I was they hung up""

CALLER ID: 43598945895844

Submitted by GJ on December 04, 2019
"Called several times asking for various employees. Could not provide any information"

CALLER ID: 43598945895844

Submitted by Christine on December 03, 2019
"Same type of call. Called my office, asking for me specifically then hung up. This came one day after an attempted hack of one of my social media accounts."

Submitted by Natalie Smith on December 03, 2019
"Indian male. Called work phone asking for former employee that hasnt worked here in over 5 years. Very rude"

Submitted by TERRI JONES on December 03, 2019
"Caller asked for owner of the company referring to him as a "she." Caller stated he was with a law firm. When I asked the nature of the call and attempted to take a message, caller became very rude. Hung up after I said No. I would not transfer him."

CALLER ID: 43598945895844

Submitted by trevor hargrove on December 03, 2019
"same thing as everyone else in this thread. i get called by him 1-5 times a day. always a different number. 1 more call and I say we bomb India."

CALLER ID: calls from many

Submitted by Cheryl on December 03, 2019
"Call came to workplace; said he was calling from a Dr's office; asked specifically for me; when I picked up and said hello, he hung up."

CALLER ID: 43598945895844

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