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43598945895844 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Kim L on November 25, 2019
"Called and asked to confirm my employer and title, since I work with employees with heavy accents from India, I didn't even think it would be SPAM until they abruptly hung up. So irritating."

CALLER ID: 43598945895844

Submitted by Joe on November 22, 2019
"Just received a call from this number on my business line. Caller asked for me by name, asked how I was, and then said "I just have something to tell you. You are fing crap." He then laughed and hung up."

Submitted by Taylor on November 22, 2019
"Same as the others - got a call asking for a former employee from a man in a heavy Indian accent. When I told him that they were no longer employed with the company, he hung up."

CALLER ID: 43598945895844

Submitted by Tina on November 22, 2019
"Foreign Indian accent, called my work (I am the receptionist) asked me something I couldn't really understand, so I just hung up. A couple seconds later, received the same call but I didn't answer."

CALLER ID: 43598945844

Submitted by Admin on November 21, 2019
"Caller called to my employment line and said he was a "Dr". Luckily, the secretary recognized the call as a spam and flagged the number."

CALLER ID: 43598945895844

Submitted by Guest User on November 21, 2019
"asked for me by name, in english, then hung up, indian accent."

CALLER ID: 43598945895844

Submitted by David on November 21, 2019
"Non English speaker attempted to ask for me in pigeon English. Disconnected. Called back. Did mnot an swer."

CALLER ID: 43598945895844

Submitted by B on November 21, 2019
"Called for one of my coworkers so I put them on hold to see if they were at their desk, the hung up before I could transfer them. Caller had a heavy accent and said he was from some company that I couldn't make out."

CALLER ID: 43598945895844

Submitted by Cheryl K on November 21, 2019
"same as everyone else. Received this call twice in two days"

CALLER ID: 43598945895844

Submitted by Helen J on November 21, 2019
"Called the main number at my work. When I picked up they asked for me, using my full name. When I said "This is Helen J" they hung up. Called back a few minutes later, asking for Helen J. I said "This is Helen J". He said you are Helen J. I said "Yes, this is Helen J" and they hung up again."

CALLER ID: 43598945895844

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