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43598945895844 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Cindy Buelow on November 27, 2019
"I received this call on my work phone asking for me and I figured it was a scam, so I just hung up."

CALLER ID: 43598945895844

Submitted by not him on November 27, 2019
"call for employee. asked 3x for his name and the company he's calling from, eventually he mumbled Walter Jones I have some medical documents."

CALLER ID: 43598945895844

Submitted by AW on November 27, 2019
"Called me at work. Since it was such a long number and I did not recognize it, I did not answer. No message left. After searching the internet I am glad I did not answer it."

CALLER ID: 43598945895844

Submitted by BF on November 26, 2019
"Received a call from our customer service department saying that a man named "David Lee" was asking for me by name. I told her to put the call through. When the man came on the other line he asked to speak to B F (My full name) and I replied, "This is she". He then promptly hung up. He had a very thick Indian accent and sounded like he was in a call center."

CALLER ID: 43598945895844

Submitted by Tony on November 26, 2019
"Called and asked for me by name. I said this is and my name. He hung up immediately. Heavy middle Eastern accent. I was on a government workline."

CALLER ID: 43598945895844

Submitted by A on November 26, 2019
"I received this call at work and answered as we have offices overseas. The caller kept asking if I was available using my maiden name (I got married over two years ago). He asked if this was my company, and stupidly said yes. He said it was regarding a pharmacy request (this last bit was very heavily accented so I'm not sure about the request part). Informed him that I was reporting this as a fraud call and hung up immediately."

CALLER ID: +43598945895844

Submitted by Guest on November 26, 2019
"I work for a University in Admissions so I tend to answer the phone even if the number looks odd. A man with a Middle Eastern or Indian accent asked for me by first and last name. (I'm on the website, so again, not super abnormal.) But I had a weird feeling about this so I kept asking what his call was regarding. He continued to say "Is this Name?" And I kept pushing that I could not transfer him unless I knew what the call was regarding. He hung up. There was a lot of background noise as well."

CALLER ID: Unavailable

Submitted by TRINA on November 26, 2019
"They called my work and because it's my work and they asked if it was me, I said yes and how can i help you. GREAT."

CALLER ID: +43598945895844

Submitted by A on November 26, 2019
"Man with heavy accent asked me if he was talking to (my name), when I made the mistake of saying "yes" he hung up. To all others: Never, never say "YES" or anything else affirming, to avoid them recording it & using it against you later!!"

CALLER ID: 43598945895844
CALLER COMPANY: 43598945895844

Submitted by Nisa on November 25, 2019
"Called half an hour ago with very heavy Indian accent with lots of background noise of others calling as well. Had to have been a call center. We get these calls just about every morning from scammed numbers but I hadn't seen this number before. He asked for Paul and I told him there was no Paul at this number then I asked if this was a sales call. He said yes. I then told him we don't accept sales calls and he hung up."

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