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Have you received a call from 703-879-8780? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (703) 879-8780

703-879-8780 / (703) 879-8780 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Hans on October 05, 2016
"It's one of the IRS scams. Called it back knowing this and someone answersed "criminal investigation unit" he proceeded to tell me I owed taxes that I nodded to pay to him over the phone to avoid arrest. I had a great time blowing his phone up literally ALL night. I would play along one time, give him a good one liner the next. Play along again. He got pretty heated after like the second call and started cussing me out every time and told me he'd find me. Ah, really though, it was great fun because I knew he wasn't spending that night scamming people."

CALLER ID: (703) 879-8780

Submitted by Kate on September 30, 2016
"Super intimidating voicemails. I knew when I listened to it it was a scam. I have no problems with my taxes or the government. They not only are calling my cell phone, they have left 3 voicemails and i finally blocked the number. This is total BS! DO NOT ENGAGE WITH THESE CRIMINALS!"

CALLER ID: 703-879-8780

Submitted by Ryan on September 29, 2016
"On 9/26/16 I received the following voicemail from 703-879-8780:

"You are hiding from the federal government this needs to be rectified mediate. Lee so do return the call as soon as you receive the message the number is 703-879-8780. I repeat again 703-879-8780. Thank you.""

CALLER ID: 703-879-8780

Submitted by Terri on September 26, 2016
"It was a recording saying you need to be rectified call immediately at this number 703-879-8780"

Submitted by From Oregon on September 26, 2016
"I received a call from this company which I didn't answer. But they left a message saying something about the Federal Government and that I needed to return the call. I did and asked pointedly what the call was about. I could hear noises of a call center, and the woman on the phone (whose first language was NOT English) said, "Taxes." That was her incredibly insightful answer. So I asked AGAIN for more information and she repeated that it was concerning taxes and asked for my name. When I refused to give it, the low-life hung up the phone. This is obviously a SCAM and should be blocked on your phone."

CALLER ID: 703-879-8780

Submitted by Paul on September 26, 2016
"I got an automated VM with a computerized voice saying that there was fraud and misconduct on my tax which I was hiding from the federal government."

CALLER ID: 703-879-8780

Submitted by Mel on September 26, 2016
"Got half a message saying roughly the same thing.

They are calling twice a day now."

Submitted by n/a on September 26, 2016
"called claiming I owed the IRS"


Submitted by kim ardito on September 26, 2016
"it was a text and it stated "Warning Criminal Investigation Division IRS is filing lawsuit against you, for more informatio call 703-879-8780 on urgent basis Otherwise your arrest warrant will be forwarded to you local police department and your property and bank accounts and social benefits will be frozen by government 9/24/2016 3:21 pm"

CALLER ID: 202-601-5695

Submitted by Erik B on September 26, 2016
"got 2 automated messages today with such threats, called back and spoke to somebody with a thick (Indian?) accent named "Mike Wilson" (riiiiiiiiiight), saying owed IRS $$ and could settle it 'out of court' for $1850, otherwise be faced with "the gov't suing me" for $35,000+. Whatever."

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