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Have you received a call from 703-879-8780? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (703) 879-8780

703-879-8780 / (703) 879-8780 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Guest User on September 26, 2016
"Received the same call as everyone else posting here...The funniest part is the absolute lack of knowledge of the English language. "You must to call immediate or local polices will arrive at door in 30 minute or less" Maybe these scammers need to invest in a dictionary and hire a person that actually knows how to structure a sentence correctly"

CALLER ID: 703-879-8780

Submitted by Dave on September 26, 2016
"Calling and saying they are the IRS"

Submitted by CONTESSA D (MD) on September 26, 2016
"keeps calling me and stating they are the "IRS"--they are not"

CALLER ID: 978-883-2176

Submitted by mad in texas on September 26, 2016
"Threatening arrest for back money owed the IRS. When I asked for an explanation of why I owed more based on my tax return, they declined to tell me, but said the police would be at my place of work in 30 minutes with an arrest warrant and they (the police) could explain."

CALLER ID: 703-798-8780

Submitted by Guest User on September 26, 2016
"CLAIMING TO BE IRS - FRAUD 703-879-8780"

Submitted by Chris on September 24, 2016
"They called and said I was hiding from the Government and that need to ca them immediately. Very funny!"

Submitted by CS on September 24, 2016
"Have already gotten two of these calls today -- with a message to call back IMMEDIATELY because of criminal fraud."

Submitted by Bob on September 24, 2016
"Been calling for days now.
D first two calls and did not keep their numbers.
Today sent a text threatening (Criminal Investigation Division) I.R.S. is fining lawsuit against me. call for more information (number above) for more information on urgent basis, otherwise your arrest warrant will be forwarded to your local police department and ect...
First need to have money to take it from me. Sorry."


Submitted by Christine Kube on September 24, 2016
"They called and claimed to be the IRS"

CALLER ID: 7038798708

Submitted by Guest User on September 24, 2016
"Tax fraud call"

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