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Have you received a call from 315-232-8257? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (315) 232-8257

315-232-8257 / (315) 232-8257 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Sharon Gant on June 03, 2020
"Apple keeps calling us and I cannot access a human being to tell them that we are all Android!"

CALLER ID: 315-232-8257

Submitted by Guest User on March 21, 2020
"Roscommon, MI Apple support call number"

CALLER ID: 9892756592 9892758479 9892752796

Submitted by Michael Cowart on March 21, 2020
"Apple account has been breached."

CALLER ID: 1-866-263-7436

Submitted by Ldm on March 20, 2020
"States my Apple iCloud account has been breached please call this number I have received seven calls in the last 24 hours each from different ID numbers"

CALLER ID: 989-375-2886

Submitted by John Doe on March 19, 2020
"A breach in my Icloud and that I need to speak with an Apple advisor. They called twice within the hour and also called from 1-236-379-7973"

CALLER ID: 1-664-877-7783
CALLER COMPANY: Invalid number

Submitted by bj on March 19, 2020
"Repeated calls the last three days. Leave the same message about our account being breached. A SCAM."

CALLER ID: 989-257-3106
CALLER COMPANY: Apple/Roscommon, MI

Submitted by CB on March 16, 2020
"I received 9 calls on 3/15 in 3 hours all from different numbers. Then today starting at 1:10, they are calling every 10 minutes from different numbers. All saying the same thing and I don't even have an apple account, I'm on Android! How do I stop them?!"

CALLER ID: Multiple Roscommon, MI Numbers

Submitted by Sue H on March 15, 2020
"Apple Support, New had an apple product. Made the mistake talking to them and informed them to stop calling. Was told they would be continuing to call no matter what. Ten Calls yesterday and 5 calls today, leaving 4 messages. all coming from 469 area code but stating to call 315.232.8257 customer service,"

Submitted by Artist on March 15, 2020
"I received between 10-15 calls on Saturday 3/14 from this number. Same as everyone else - Apple Support, this 315 number to call. I stopped answering the phone and then they left messages. It started again today (3/15) - I have had 4 calls already. I stopped answering and twice when it went to voicemail there was no message left. Can't verify if it was them or some other calls. How do I stop this?"

CALLER COMPANY: Enter or Select

Submitted by JH on March 15, 2020
"12 calls in 2 hours yesterday, so far 5 in 45 minutes today. Each call shows different incoming number and ID but all are fraud using Appe ploy. CB number is always 315-232-8257."

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