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Have you received a call from 315-232-8257? Submit a report and help provide information that may assist in stopping them from calling us all. Following are phone call reports that have been submitted regarding the phone number (315) 232-8257

315-232-8257 / (315) 232-8257 Phone Number Reports:

Submitted by Mary Lynn on January 20, 2021
"numerous calls today...about 10, saying apple support. I was home so I answered and pressed 1. A guy came on and said Apple Support can I help you? I answered in a fake accent,"You got apples?" He played along and asked me how many I wanted. Then hung up. I got 3 more calls after that."

CALLER ID: 5867265905

Submitted by EW on January 17, 2021
"I received 15-20 calls on my landline phone yesterday afternoon/evening. Today they have started again and have had about 10 calls. I have also received 4 calls on my cell phone today, with each one have the message that my iCloud account account has been breached. The number that they are calling from varies, but are from my local exchange. Callback number is always 315-232-8257"

CALLER ID: Various numbers

Submitted by Chris on January 13, 2021
"I received 6 calls within a half hour all with the same robo call message stating "Your ICloud Account has been breached, before using any Apple devices call: 315-232-8257"."

Submitted by john hoke on December 16, 2020
"fake appel care number"

Submitted by Linda Patterson on December 15, 2020
"They called 13 times within 2 hours stating they are from Apple Support."


Submitted by Joy on December 14, 2020
"I have received 14 phone calls in about 12 hours. Is it safe to call their # and tell them to quit calling? All calls have a different #."

CALLER ID: 816-373-3415

Submitted by Awakened in Oregon on December 13, 2020
"Six robo calls between 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. Sunday, Dec 13 claiming to be from Apple Tech Support reporting trouble with my cloud account. I don't have a cloud account. Instructed to call 315-232-8257."

Submitted by Barb Van on December 11, 2020
"left two messages in the last hour regarding the Cloud. they wanted me to call back on 315-232-8257"

Submitted by Shea Davis on December 11, 2020
"They have been calling my phone from 423-304-???? and 516-469-????. 15 calls a day saying there is an issue with my Icloud. I have told them many times that I have never owned an Apple device. messages say to call back at 315-232-8257"

CALLER ID: 516-469-5018 NY

Submitted by Matt on December 09, 2020
"Same as others have said. Multiple calls an hour, even at 8:15p. Something has got to be done"

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